the town seal- drawing of town hall


the town seal- drawing of town hall
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To follow directives set by State Statutes including Town wide revaluations which are performed every five years. Our goal is to treat all residents with a friendly and courteous demeanor and to distribute the tax burden in a fair and equitable manner, for both the Town and its residents.

A division of the Department of Finance, the Assessor’s Office maintains:

General information:

October 1, 2011 CT Property Data & Assessments

Public Access to Records:
The public has accessibility to real property records via our computer stations with printing capability located in the Assessor’s vault. Real property information can be found at
Note: Due to privacy considerations owner’s names are not shown on this website.

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• Property owners who have not obtained permits for new construction, improvements and alterations exceeding $100 in value, or structures razed or removed between Oct. 1, 2015 and Oct. 1, 2016 are required to report said activity to the Assessor in the month of October.

• Business and other owners of tangible personal property, pursuant to CGS 12–40 and 12–43 are required to file a Personal Property Declaration with the Assessor between Oct. 1, 2015 and Nov. 1, 2015. Companies that fail to declare by Nov. 1, 2015 are subject to an estimated assessment and a 25 percent penalty. This does not include registered automobiles, airplanes and boats. LATE OR AMENDED DECLARATIONS WILL NOT BE ACEPTED AFTER THE DUE DATE.

• Personal Property declaration forms can be obtained at the Assessors Office, 250 Main Street, East Haven, CT 06512 or by calling 203–468–3233.

Farmers must file Personal Property exemption application to the Assessor before Nov. 1 annually.

Farm and forest property owners applying for PA–490 assessment relief under provisions of CGS 12–107 must make application with the East Haven Assessor between Sept. 1, 2015 to Nov. 1, 2015 for the Oct. 1, 2015 Grand List.
Totally disabled residents must file proof of their Social Security Disability with the Assessor by October 1, 2015 in order to receive an exemption.

Exemptions for specially equipped vehicles: These vehicles for the use or transportation of a handicapped individual or antique vehicles must annually submit an application to the Assessor for examination by December 31st. All new applicants’ vehicles will be subject to inspection by the Assessor.

• Any person with a registered motor vehicle must notify the DMV within 48 hours of any change of address in accordance with C.G.S. Sec. 14–17a.

• Motor vehicles registered out of state must be registered within 60 days of residency in the State of Connecticut, according to CGS 14–12a. Residents who fail to register their vehicles are subject to an estimate of tax. If you are a resident of another state, your vehicle should not be frequently in the Town of East Haven with out of state registration. The Assessor’s Office will report violators to the East Haven Police and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

• Board of Assessment Appeals Applications to contest Motor Vehicle assessments must be submitted to the Assessor’s office between August 1, 2015 and August 20, 2015. The meeting will be held on Monday, September 15, 2015 in the Assessor’s Office.

• Appeals for Real Estate, Personal Property and Supplemental Motor Vehicle assessments must be submitted between Feb. 1, 2016 and Feb. 20, 2016. All meetings will be held in the Assessor’s office in March 2016 at dates to be determined.

For any information please contact the East Haven Assessor’s Office at 203–468–3233 or 250 Main Street, East Haven, CT 06512.
Information courtesy of Michael J. Milici, Assessor, C.C.M.A. II, SPA

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