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This collection is a study in change covering the time period between 1907 and 2008. The visitor to this page is encouraged to examine each pair of photos, explore the changes and discover what has stayed the same for over one hundred years.

The collection of Old Mill photos spans more than 140 years. Many thanks to Cliff Nitchke, town of East Haven Historian, and other members of the society for their help in researching the history of these locations for this presentation.

The older photos in this presentation were taken from the History of East Haven by Sarah E. Hughes, published in 1908. The 1865 phot of the Old Iron Mill was provided by the East Haven Historical Society. Frances C. Foley is the photographer for the 2008 digital photographs.

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Old Stone Church 1908. Old Stone Church 2008.


Main Street in 1907. The Old Stone Church is on the right Main Street in 2008. Town Hall is on the left and Old Stone Church is on the right with Mian Street running down the middle.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

The Old Cemetery gateway was erected to the memory of Edmund B. and Lavinia S. Cowles by their son Edmund B. Cowles in 1907.

Old cemetery gate in 1908. Old cemetery gate in 2008.


Lafayette House 1908.

The Lafayette House (aka Grandma Bradley’s house) was an English Colonial design. In recent years this historic house was bought and moved to Darien, CT.

Similar house on Main St. across from the Town Green.

In 2008 the Chidsey House (also an English Colonial design) is located across from the East Haven Town Green.


Union school in 1908. Union school in 2008.

Union School Senior Apartments on Thompson Ave.


Episcopal Church 1907. Episcopal Church 2008.

Christ & the Epiphany Church, on Park Place.


Earliest known photograph of the Old Iron Mill – date 1865.
1655 – the location of the first Iron Works in Connecticut and third in the Nation. In 2008 this is Main Street crossing the Farm River near the Old Mill & Twin Pines.

In 1706 this building was used as a carding and fulling mill for cloth.
Then in 1840 it was converted into a grist mill to grind grain into flour.

Use the brick water company surge tower on the hill as your point of reference in both photos and observe where you are today.

In 1655 this was the site of the first Iron Works in Connecticut, third in the Nation. In 1706 the building was used as a carding and fulling mill for cloth and today in 2008 the Old Mill is a coffee house and store.

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