State of Connecticut Probate Court
District of East Haven

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East Haven Probate Court: FAQs – Children’s Matters – Links

Frequently Asked Questions

How many probate courts are there in Connecticut?
View directory of Connecticut Probate Courts.
What are the court fees for a case in the probate court?
The fee depends on the type of case. For decedent’s estates there is a fee calculated by a formula established by state law. For most other applications there is a flat filing fee.
View detailed information about probate court fees.
Do I need an attorney to help me with my probate case?
Not necessarily, but every case is different and there are various factors to consider in making the decision whether to hire an attorney.
View a discussion of this question.
Does the probate court handle living wills and health care instructions?
The court becomes involved in such cases only if there is some uncertainty or dispute over the meaning or impact of a living will or other health care document. Usually, the careful planning and execution of such documents eliminates the kind of conflict or vagueness that might require court involvement.

View the Attorney General’s information about the various kinds of health care documents available under Connecticut law.

Regional Probate Court for Children’s Matters

One major exception regarding the location of probate hearings concerns children’s matters. East Haven participates in the New Haven Regional Probate Court for Children’s Matters, located at 873 State Street, New Haven, Connecticut. Applications in matters involving the custody or guardianship of children in East Haven are filed in the local probate office in Town Hall. If an emergency initial meeting is necessary, that too will be conducted in the East Haven Probate Court. From that point on, the case is transferred to the Regional Probate Court for Children’s Matters, and all further hearings are held there. The benefit of the Regional Court is that its centralized staff includes Probate Court Officers with social work backgrounds, trained to assist families in crisis. Also, the Department of Children and Families stations several of its caseworkers right in the offices of the Regional Court.

Although the case is transferred to the Regional Court, Judge Albis remains the judge primarily assigned to East Haven cases. He presides over the hearings in children’s matters in the Regional Court, just as he would in the local court. However, another advantage of the Regional Court is that probate judges throughout the New Haven area participate, enabling them to help each other in cases from each others communities when emergency or other circumstances warrant.

Links to explanatory materials for cases handled by the probate court:
Adoptions and Termination of Parental Rights
Decedents’s Estates
Guardianship of Children
Guardianship of Developmentally Disabled Persons
Probate Court and You

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