Tax Department

Important Information:  Please refer to the Department of Motor Vehicle website for valuable information at  This online resource can be utilized for information pertaining to renewal of vehicle registrations, returning of license plates, address changes and any other compliance issues.  Checking these things online can help avoid confusion and an unneccesary trip to the DMV.

Tax Department Responsiblities

  • Collecting and recording current and delinquent taxes. The collection procedure for current taxes includes:
    • the collection of taxes,
    • validation of permanent records,
    • and issuance of a receipt and posting the receipts to the permanent records.
  • The Tax Office:
    • Bills and collects the registration charges for aircrafts based at Tweed New Haven Airport.
    • Gives monthly financial reports to the Finance Department.
    • Sends elderly and disability reports to the State.
    • Files a yearly financial report to the State.
  • Delinquent Tax Collections include:
    • The issuance of delinquent demand notices.
    • Recording Real Estate liens.
    • Providing the Department of Motor Vehicle with a list of delinquent taxpayers.
    • Transfers delinquent Motor Vehicle taxes to an Attorneys office for collection.
    • Assigns Real Estate delinquent taxes to attorneys and/or State Marshals for collections and possible foreclosure.
    • Assigns Personal property delinquent taxes to the State Marshal for collection.
    • Utilizes its resources to increase the back tax collection rate.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lucille Huelin Tax Collector (203) 468-3307
Kristina Canning Deputy Tax Collector (203) 468-3308
Debbie Limone Account Clerk (203) 468-3307
Georgiana Ianotti Account Clerk (203) 468-3308