Construction Has Begun on the Third Phase of "West End" Revitalization of Main Street----

Construction Has Begun on the Third Phase of "West End" Revitalization of Main Street----
UPDATE: Work has NOW begun on the 3rd Phase of East Haven's "Downtown Revitalization"; Beautifying the "West End" of Main Street !
Earlier release:
Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. announced today that the Town of East Haven that work will begin shortly on the much-anticipated third phase of its "Downtown Revitalization" program, a $1.01 million dollar streetscape project aimed at beautifying the "west end" of Main Street. 
Maturo announced, "We're thrilled to be breaking ground on this much-needed and much-anticipated infrastructure project, which will continue the beautification program this administration began between 2005 and 2007 and which will culminate in the extension of those improvements all the way to the New Haven line."
The $1.01 million dollar project, which is expected to take anywhere between 120 and 150 days to complete, will bring new sidewalks, streetscapes, period lighting, and safety improvements to the stretch of Main Street spanning from Elm Street to Pardee Place.  Phase "3b" will expand those improvements from Pardee Place to Columbus Avenue and Phase "3c" will extend those improvements from Columbus Avenue past McDermott Chevrolet to the New Haven line.
Maturo continued, "When we began the Main Street Revitalization program between 2005 and 2007, the intent was to beautify the entirety of Main Street.  Funding for the project dried up in 2007 and continued to be difficult to secure following my return to office in 2011 due to the lingering recession and the State's fiscal woes.  I'm proud that our team secured both Federal and State grants to fund and resume these much-anticipated improvements, which are set to be complete by the early Spring."
The Town requested competitive bids from interested contactors, with bidding closing on September 19, 2017.  The Town received four bids and awarded the project to low-bidder "Star Construction Corp.," of Stratford Connecticut.  Mayor Maturo and Town officials met Friday, September 29th to sign the bid documents and construction agreement, paving the way for the project to begin immediately.
Officials noted that the $1.01 million dollar project is being financed through a $500,000.00 dollar federal grant and a $600,000.00 dollar State of Connecticut LOCIP (Local Capital Improvement) grant and is set to be completed just under initial cost estimates.
Maturo added, "Costs for the project include $977,765.00 in labor and materials and approximately $35,000.00 in costs incurred to-date for engineering and logistics.  Overall, we're on track to complete the $1.01 million dollar project under initial cost estimates and, most importantly, without a tax increase and without any substantial cost to the taxpayers."
Maturo concluded,  I'm proud to be investing in our Main Street business community, as beautifying our Main Street corridor has been a key goal for our economic development team.  Moving forward, we will continue to do everything we can to complete this program quickly and efficiently for the benefit of our Main Street businesses and our entire community."