East Haven Expands Paramedic Unit, Service in East Haven

Expansion of service is expected to begin 2/2/2018 and to "considerably improve" paramedic response both Town-wide and, in particular, in Momauguin
Mayor Joseph Maturo and Fire Chief Matthew Marcarelli announced today that the Town has secured the State licenses to begin providing lifesaving paramedic service out of Engine Company 4 in Momauguin, joining "Rescue 1" from Headquarters and "Squad 5" as paramedic units.  As a result of the service expansion, the entire Town will now have "Advanced Life Support" coverage.
Mayor Maturo explained, "Prior to obtaining this new license, someone requiring advanced life support services would have to wait for units out of the center to respond.  If the center unit was busy on a call, a resident in Momauguin was left waiting for the Foxon unit to respond.  Now, Engine Company 4, which is located right in the heart of Momauguin, will be able to respond more quickly and efficiently to individuals needing advanced life support."
Maturo added, "It's universally accepted that the first five minutes of any heart attack are the most critical.  By expanding advanced life support services to Engine Company 4, we've improved not only the the quality of care but also the speed at which care will be rendered to anyone finding themselves in the unfortunate position of needing life-saving care.”
In 2004, Mayor Maturo instituted 24/7-paramedic support, an initiative that began saving lives the day it was implemented.  The addition of paramedic service at Engine Company 4 expands on that initiative. 
Fire Chief Marcarelli added, “The East Haven Fire Department is excited to be expanding service for the residents and visitors to our community.  The primary response district served by Engine 4 is busy and the demand for paramedics has been evident based on the frequency and type of calls we have been responding to in that area.  Having an ALS capable unit in the area will save precious time in the response to and treatment of critically ill patients.”
Since the inception of paramedic service in 2004, the East Haven Fire Department has been enhancing the emergency medical service it provides to the residents, visitors and workers in the Town. Bringing paramedic service to Engine 4 represents a further expansion of this service and will supplement the current 21st century firefighting and all-hazards services the company already provides the neighborhood.
Chief Marcarelli added, "As part of the service expansion, Paramedic Engine 4 will now have the capability of providing the highest level of pre-hospital care during airway, breathing, and cardiac emergencies, neurological and diabetic emergencies, trauma emergencies, and also the ability to administer life-saving medications intravenously. As part of the Town's response to the opioid crisis, Engine 4 will carry EKG monitors, defibrillator, advanced airway items including suction units, medications, IV fluids, backboard and spinal cervical immobilization equipment, and trauma treatment items."
In fiscal year 2017, the East Haven Fire Department responded to 5988 incidents, of which 2388 were advanced life support calls.  Engine 4 was dispatched to 894 total calls during this time, 316 of these calls for service were classified as Advanced Life Support on dispatch.   In addition to service Momauguin in a primary capacity, Engine 4 will now also respond elsewhere when the town’s two other Paramedic units are on other calls.
Maturo concluded, “The men and women who serve on the East Haven Fire Department are second to none.  I am proud that we will begin stationing our first-class personnel on a paramedic level engine at our Bradford Manor Fire Station to provide this valuable and lifesaving service and that this measure will considerably improve our already stellar response times.   I am even more proud that this expansion of service was accomplished using existing personnel, resources, and equipment at no additional cost to the taxpayers.”