East Shore District Health Department

Information on Rodents
Residents of East Haven have reported seeing rodent (rats) activity in the area. The staff from the ESDHD will be surveying the area, looking for rodent burrows, garbage and other attractants.  Please be advised of the following:
Rats can be found in every neighborhood in Connecticut.
Health Department staff will investigate any complaint of trash/ garbage and inspect properties for evidence of rodent burrows and other signs of rodent activity.
Residents are instructed to avoid touching or handling any rodents.
If residents see rats and/or rodent burrows on their property, they must call a Connecticut licensed professional pest control operator (PCO).
If residents see rodents or rodent burrows on another property, they should contact ESDHD with the address, so an investigation can be made.
Residents should remove any food source left outdoors, including bird feeders (especially while a problem exists).
Residents should avoid feeding outdoor animals, and remove any food/water sources outdoors, and only feed domestic pets indoors.
Residents should also remove any stagnant water on their property.
It is important for dog and cat owners to remove feces from the property daily, which could be a food source for rodents.
Remove wood piles (or store at least 18” above ground).
If you have chickens; they must be kept on your property and in a coop at all times, both feed and waste need to be cleaned and removed daily.
The key to proper rodent control is using the IPM (integrated pest management) program, which incorporates the removal of garbage or any food source, removal of stagnant water, eliminate any possible harborage (places where rodents can hide), and the use of bait/poisons by a Connecticut licensed professional pest control operator.
Please be assured that the ESDHD and East Haven Town official are actively working together to address this situation, however we need your assistance with the above referenced recommendations.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please contact our office for additional information.
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