Early History

  • East Haven was once known as "The Iron Works Village"
  • Google Map of Historic Sights in East Haven
  • Early written histories of East Haven now available through the Google Book Project as pdf files. (Download the free Adobe Reader for pdf files)
    • The East Haven Register By Stephen Dodd, Pastor of the Congregational Church in East Haven, Published in 1824. (Note: This book starts on page 6 of the pdf file.)
    • History of East Haven By Sarah E. Hughes, Published in 1908. 
      This book contains wonderful old photos of East Haven. 
      (Note:The book starts on page 12 of the pdf file.)
  • East Haven Online Museum – links in the main menu.
  • The Old Cemetery & Cemetery Board – links located in the Boards & Comissions menu on the left.
  • One Hundred Years Of Change – A photographic study using a collection of paired photographs of the same locations in East Haven taken one years apart. Link in the East Haven Historical Society menu. Created by Frances C. Foley of Noisemakers Productions.
  • Town Green Tree Preservation Project 
    Print the Tree Preservation Project self-guided walking tour map pdf and explore our historic Town Green.
  • The Lightkeeper's Tales: Bits of History in New Haven's Olden Days
    Source: New York Times Archives. Published: January 11, 1891, ©New York Times.