Renter's Rebate Program - 2018

East Haven Renters Eligible for Rebate Check

East Haven residents who are 65 years of age or older or who have qualified for permanent total disability benefits can apply for a one time rebate check through the State of Connecticut’s Rent Rebate Program. To qualify for a rebate income must be less than $42,900 for a married couple and $35,200 for a single person. Residents must provide proof of income, rent paid and utilities paid in 2017. Last year 515 East Haven residents received over $250,000 in rebates. The Town of East Haven Social Services Department coordinates this program. 

Residents of the following housing facilities will be able to apply on site during designated times and dates: East Farm Village, Wood View and the Union School Apartments. Please contact the resident services or management company staff for exact times and dates.

All other qualified residents must schedule an appointment by calling the Town of East Haven Social Services Department at 203-468-3303. Applications will be taken through October 1, 2018. All checks will be mailed by the State of Connecticut in October regardless of when the application is submitted. The estimated calculated rebate amount shown on your application may be reduced by the State of Connecticut. For more information on the Rent Rebate Program please contact Bob Petrucelli, Town of East Haven Social Services at 203-468-3303.