Dog Licenses

Calling all dog owners in East Haven: Please help Owen Little, our Animal Control Officer, by licensing your dog. All dogs must be licensed by CT State law. June is the month across CT to license your dog penalty free. Cost is $8.00 spayed/neutered, $19 for non–spayed/non–neutered. This protects your dog, you, and your neighborhood.

If you are licensing your dog for the first time, please bring paperwork from your Veterinarian indicating the date of rabies vaccination, the date the vaccination expires, and if your dog has been neutered/spayed.  Also, when re-licensing your dog, if the rabies vaccination has expired, please bring in the paperwork from your Veterinarian indicating the new date of the rabies vaccination and the date the vaccination expires.

Please visit the Town Clerk’s Office to license your dog, grab a piece of candy for yourself, and a bag of dog treats all for just licensing your dog!!!!