Land Records Search Website

Land Records Search Website:

The East Haven Town Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the availability online of land records indexed from 1977 to present, as well as scanned land records from 2005 to present. While searching the records is free, a $2.00 charge to view and or print a document applies. 

In the coming months, maps filed in the Town Clerk’s Office will be available online, as with the land records, searching is free, but a $2.00 charge to view and or print applies. Please follow the link to begin searching! 

To access the East Haven Land Records site go to the East Haven land records search page.

Town Clerk Services:

Land Records –

  • Filing, indexing & coping of land records
  • Filing and coping property maps

Environmental protection licenses & permits –

  • Hunting, non-resident hunting, non-resident hunt. & fishing
  • Fishing, non-resident fishing, non-resident 3 day fishing
  • Trapping, junior trapping
  • Firearms, junior firearms hunting
  • Pheasant tags, state duck stamps, H.I.P. permits, duplicate E.P. licenses

Licenses & permits –

  • Notary Public applications, certifications and registration
  • Dump permits, receive dump fees and receipts
  • Dog licenses
  • Liquor permits

Elections –

  • Issue voter identification cards
  • Register voters
  • Processes absentee ballots applications
  • Sends out absentee ballots
  • Processes election results and statistics
  • Issues general information relative to political campaign finance regulations

Vital Statistics –

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Death certificates
  • Burial and transit permits
  • Cremation certificates

Other Documents Maintained –

  • Claims against the Town are maintained and forwarded to the Town Attorney
  • Filing of writs
  • Military discharge papers – original DD214, which are forwarded to the Assessor's Office
  • Receives and codifies all Town ordinances
  • Receives cemetery sexton reports
  • Records, indexes and binds all Town tax liens
  • Sewer use liens are produced by the Regional GNHWPCA and stored in the Town Clerks office
  • Collects Commissioner of Revenue forms and taxes and forwards them to the State of CT
  • Collects Town conveyance taxes and forms

Town Boards & Commissions –

  • Filing of minutes and agendas
  • Posting meeting announcements and agendas in Town Hall
  • Providing copies for the public of minutes and agendas