Town Council

To view the town council special meeting from 3/19/20 7:30pm click here.

Board Members

Name Title
Ashley Lesco Member (District 1)
Beth Capotorto Member (District 1)
Kimberely Glassman Member (District 1)
Joseph Deko Member (District 2) Chairman
Joseph Santino Jr. Member (District 2)
Salvatore Maltese Member (District 2)
Louis Pacelli Member (District 3)
Josh Balter Member (District 3)
Marianne Cesare Member (District 3)
Linda Hennessey Member (District 4)
Samantha Parlato Member (District 4)
Robert Ranfone Member (District 4)
Henry Butler III Member (District 5)
Raymond Pompano Member (District 5)
Jennifer Ruggiero Member (District 5)