Under the direction of the Town Engineer the Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • Procurement and establishment of surveying data.
  • Design of Public Service projects.
  • Construction layout and, the preparation of contractual plans and specifications.
  • Establish bond requirements.
  • Maintain bond documents for projects by developers.
  • Preparation of CIP Budget.
  • Procurement of data in defense of litigation's against the Town involving accidents (vehicular and pedestrian).
  • Review for comment abandonment's of rights-of-way and the purchase/sale of Town property.
  • Procurement of easements.
  • Coordination of projects within the Town limits performed by outside agencies.
  • Perform planning and zoning site reviews.
  • Perform site inspections associated with the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy and general permits.
  • Per Town Ordinance, responsible for the Licensing and Registering of all haulers doing business in the Town of East Haven.
  • Provides volunteers and coordinates Town efforts in the disposal & recycling of household hazardous waste with the Regional Water Authority.