Animal Control

The East Haven Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter serving the town of East Haven, CT. We are committed to helping all animals that come into our care, and adopting them out to loving homes. Unfortunately, we are not a no-kill shelter, but with the help of our compassionate Animal Control Officers and our volunteer group, we do everything within our power to insure that an adoptable animal is not euthanized. If an animal is marked as URGENT, that means we will need to find a home for it soon.

Owen Little  & Sean Godejohn

Strive to enforce all animal control laws and to serve the community in a professional manner. Ensure that all animals and residents are treated with respect at all times.

  • Issues citations for infractions and violations of municipal and state laws
  • Investigates calls about neglected or lost animals.
  • Responds to alleged animal bites from wild and domestic animals.
  • Impounds lost pets till owners can redeem them.
  • Rescues and provides care for injured animals.
  • Controlling strays and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large.
  • Holds a low cost rabies clinic
  • Established a monthly low cost spay & neuter program through TEAM.
  • Provides for the care of injured or neglected animals.
  • Places animals for adoption (90% adoption rate).
  • Vaccinates and alters all animals before being placed in a home.
  • Has a Mutual Aid Program with the State of CT and other animal shelters in the area to provide extra manpower, equipment or kennel space as needed.
  • Goals for the next fiscal year:
    • Training staff in animal capture and first aid.
    • Educate the community in animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
    • Improve methods and solve problems dealing with nuisance wildlife.
    • Raise funds to improve the shelter without increasing the budget.

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Owen Little

Animal Control Officer

Sean godejohn

Animal Control Officer

Emily Higgins

Animal Control Officer