Registrar of Voters

Registrar of Voters Facts:

  • Elected, part time positions paid for by the town government.
  • Guided by the Secretary of the State’s office and state legislation.
  • Ensures that the voting rights of citizens are upheld.
  • Administrators of elections.

Registrar of Voters Responsibilities:

  • Conducts all elections.
  • Provides absentee ballot assistance.
  • Maintains and certifies the Official Voters List.
  • Recruits, appoints and trains local election officials.
  • Prepares party enrollment lists.
  • Certifies and prepares voting equipment.
  • Records and reports voter statistics.
  • Facilitates voter education.
  • Performs the annual canvass of voters.
  • Orders voting machine strips, sample ballots and moderator return sheets.
  • Conducts training sessions for poll workers for each election.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Al Fucci (Democrat)
Donna Norman (Republican)