Submit a Claim

Submission of a Claim Against the Town of East Haven

  1. All claims are filed with the Town Clerk’s Office. 
  2. Any person submitting a claim for property damage against the town must submit 3 damage estimates or the claim will not be processed. 
  3. Each claim is dated and given a claim number the day the claim is filed. 
  4. The claim packet is then forwarded to the Town Attorney for investigation and processing.

There is no specific form for claims.

In a letter include the following information to submit a claim:

  • The facts pertaining to the incident: 
    • name, address, and phone number of the claimant, place of occurance, date, time
  • Other pertinent information: 
    • police report, copies of bills any witness information, etc...

The claim will be investigated by the Town Attorney. This process takes time and we are unable to predict how long it will take before a decision is made.

Mailbox Claims

The town’s latest mailbox claim policy information has been released. View and print the 2015 Mailbox Claims Policy.