Tax Payment Policies

Important Information:  Please refer to the Department of Motor Vehicle website for valuable information at  This online resource can be utilized for information pertaining to renewal of vehicle registrations, returning of license plates, address changes and any other compliance issues.  Checking these things online can help avoid confusion and an unneccesary trip to the DMV.

  1. If you lost or did not receive your tax bill, call 203–468–3307 to get a copy. Note: July & January are the recommended months to obtain copies or if you are aware of additions that need to be made to the Grand List. 
  2. Failure to send/receive a tax bill does not invalidate the tax or interest should the account become delinquent.
  3. Taxpayers should be aware that per CT State statutes 12–144b, tax payments must first be applied to the oldest obligation.
  4. To avoid long lines make your tax payment online using the link above or by mail.